Introducing – Our First Content Portal

Visiqua is pleased to announce the launch of our first content portal in coordination with leading App Developers and App Dsicovery networks we are launching

AppsToLove has a twin focus.  The first is helping customers discover new releases and discover popular apps in the hopes that they find new technologies that give them ways to live life more efficiently.

The second major area of focus for the site, located in our “Developers Corner,” is to discuss and educate developers looking to distribute Apps and increase engagement through paid media channels.  Paid media can be an effective method to inject life into an older app, to amplify media you earn on launch, and to reinforce successes and press coverage that you receive. It does however have to be done right, measured properly, and pulled down when the time is right.  Let our team leverage our experience in the space to help you avoid common pitfalls.

If you have an app you’d like to have featured on AppsToLove or would like to discuss different paid media strategies and their potential benefits/risks as it relates to an app you have developed, please feel free to drop us a line at sales[at]  In addition to the main site AppsToLove can be found on Twitter @AppsToLove or Facebook.

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POSTED ON Jan 16 16