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Join Visiqua and LeadsPedia on a journey of infinite opportunities…
where Tech, Innovation, and Access all come together to create the industry’s most powerful Call Ping Tree.

About Call Ping Tree

Visiqua and LeadsPedia are revolutionizing the pay-per-call industry by releasing a robust end-to-end ping tree for calls. Automating phone calls the way data lead generation did via real-time bidding and automation was only a matter of time. Both Visiqua and LeadsPedia have been at the forefront of the innovation of this space since 2018, combining Visiqua’s vast client base and market understanding with LeadsPedia’s robust technology know how as one of the premier lead ping tree technology providers. While others in the space have ventured into the world of automating call routing, none are as powerful as the partnership between Visiqua and LeadsPedia.

Why Call Ping Tree?

Why Call Ping Tree?

By partnering with Visiqua & using LeadsPedia tech through the Call Ping Tree, advertisers and publishers now have access to a two-way bidding platform made specifically for calls, with instant access to one of the largest marketplaces of call generators and call buyers, through one easy integration!

Who This Works For

Who This Works For

Advertisers Looking to Connect with Consumers

  • Plug into large amounts of call inventory not previously available to you
  • “Look under the hood” and dynamically respond
  • Bid only on calls that you believe to be a match for your brand
  • Bid appropriately in real-time based on multiple factors (brand match, agent availability, geo, and more)

Publishers with Inbound Calls

  • Ping multiple buyers with every call
  • No more static rates, durations, and caps!
  • Maximum yield for every call through a real-time auction
  • Get paid the right amount for that caller’s value

Visiqua + Leadspedia

Visiqua + LeadsPedia

Why Visiqua?

Visiqua has spent years compiling a vast call marketplace of both call publishers + generators and call buyers, which today sits as one of the industry’s largest marketplaces.

This entire marketplace is now available through our Call Ping Tree, providing unprecedented access to our partners for enhanced monetization.

Why LeadsPedia?

LeadsPedia is the industry leader of ping tree technology to route and monetize data leads. It was a natural progression for LeadsPedia to leverage the technology and know-how from the data space and transition that to calls.

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