Filling your sales funnel and CRM database with quality records is every marketer’s goal, at Visiqua, we help you build and keep the right audience. We get you all of the conversions and none of the mess. We help you connect with millions of B2B and SMB customers.

John likes to do his homework. He wants to know your brand and products.

CPA Use Case: Meet John

John likes to take his time and research his decisions. He doesn’t take major purchases lightly. We direct John to a webpage where he can learn more about a product or give him a way to regularly receive updates and info on a product. We give John all the tools he needs to make an educated decision.

John’s Profile

John is a research-based customer. He wants to learn about the products and services offered; he wants to get to know you, as a company. He needs to feel sure that, once he does make a decision, he’s made the right one.

How We Reach John

We can reach John in a number of ways: media (banner ads, text messaging, interstitial ads, emails, social) that leads him to a landing page with content or a way to sign up for eNewsletters. Our goal is to provide John a way to get the information he needs to fully research a product or service before making his purchase decision.

Clients this Works For

High-Consideration Purchases

Companies that need to reach a customer to facilitate a large, one-time purchase.

Repeat Customers

Companies that are trying to reach a customer on a regular basis or a set cadence.