Customer initiated research is a major part of the consumer journey. Much, if not most of that, is done online because of the sheer amount of data and the speed it can be accessed. By inserting your brand into this process you can access new prospects before they research a competitor.

Data Use Case: Meet Jen

Jen is interested in a new home security system. She would rather submit her information online and have someone contact her. We reach Jen by directing her to a form on a 3rd party website to capture her information and then have a specialist from a home security company reach out to her.

Jen’s Profile

Jen is the type of customer that likes simplicity. She wants to get the most info without having to continually search or enter her info in forms. She wants to comparison shop for the best option.

Jen is looking to find a product or service, but is not brand specific.

How We Reach Jen

We can reach Jen in a number of ways: media (banner ads, text messaging, interstitial ads, emails, social) that leads to a form or 3rd party website geared specifically to the vertical she is researching. Our goal is to provide Jen a way to enter her info and receive options and details from qualified home security companies.

Clients this Works For

Call Centers

Companies that have the ability to receive data and reach out to customers.

Large Companies

Companies with significant outbound marketing assets available to them.