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Join some members of the Visiqua team this week in Las Vegas for PubCon.  We’ll be talking: new releases, projects and site updates for our owned and operated properties. Reach out directly to Jamie or Dave for meetings.

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POSTED ON Oct 10 16

Using the Long Form to Build a Lead Scoring Foundation

Laying the foundation for Lead Scoring

Progressing past the simple short form campaigns discussed in the last edition of our blog, we land on a group of campaigns that share several differing names and approaches but a similar objective: generating a lead for a high consideration purchase.  In consumer focused campaigns these are high dollar items like appliances, remodels, or even cars. In the B2B space this tends to be the lead generation approach of choice for large marketing organizations.  These are ones that are pushing products with not only high price tags, but long purchase cycles and significant internal signoff requirements. The vehicle of choice for both of these groups of late has been Content Marketing. Within this environment you have a great chance to educate users, to build brand loyalty, and to cultivate advocates. The downside is that it requires significant investments in research, nurturing resources, and analytics to be effective, far more than say a simple banner campaign. These downsides increase both lead costs as well the risks posed to marketers from poor quality data.  Hence the need for considerable discussion about traffic scoring and data hygiene, which we began to touch on in our article about short form campaigns. As we shift into the long form we get a new tool for our arsenal –  lead scoring.   More correctly, we now have the ability to lay a foundation for lead scoring.


POSTED ON Mar 25 16


Visiqua is pleased to announce the debut of our second content portal: In coordination with leading partners in the lifestyle, cooking, and shopping spaces, and directed by our team of relentless tinkers, gardeners, and cooks we are proud to bring you

We are is focused in six core verticals in the lifestyle space: Food/Cooking; Life & Health; Green Living; Household Gadgets; Gardening; and LifeHacks. If you have a product you’d like to be featured on the site, have a question about our content, or would like to contribute to the site please feel free to drop us a line at sales[at] In addition to the main site can be found on Twitter @LifeHomeLiving or Facebook.



POSTED ON Mar 13 16

Short Form Data Quality & Validation

Data Hygiene, Data Quality, & Validation:

In our last post on the Visiqua blog, we discussed the first point of interaction and often the first point of failure for many marketers – The Landing Page.  Today we’ll look past it and into monitoring, measuring, and optimizing the traffic you send to the landing page.  It is critically important that we setup testing and data quality management apparatuses before launch so that we can learn from the first campaign. After all, “There is no failure, only failure to learn.”


POSTED ON Feb 23 16

The Landing Page: Starting in the Right Place

Landing Pages: Starting in the Right Place With the Right Mindset:

One of the most common stumbling blocks for modern marketers is the very place we first interact with a user: the landing page.  Rather than focus on building effective landing pages we are instead tempted to re-purpose legacy forms, or drive people to the home page if the site has a data capture on it.  These are rarely good options as they have not been optimized for the campaign objectives. The landing page is the first real touch point we have with a customer during a campaign, and it needs to be approached with significant thought. A poorly executed landing page will torpedo even the most well-constructed marketing effort.


POSTED ON Jan 28 16

Introducing – Our First Content Portal

Visiqua is pleased to announce the launch of our first content portal in coordination with leading App Developers and App Dsicovery networks we are launching

AppsToLove has a twin focus.  The first is helping customers discover new releases and discover popular apps in the hopes that they find new technologies that give them ways to live life more efficiently.


POSTED ON Jan 16 16

Welcome to the Visiqua Performance Marketing Blog

Welcome to the Visiqua Blog – an open discussion on the approaches, tools, and strategies used to successfully execute performance marketing campaigns.

Over the course of this blog we’ll discuss what we have learned during careers in the performance marketing space.  We will share: wins, losses, and data (where appropriate) that we have gleaned over the years; you’ll see the occasional guest piece and case-studies as well.  (more…)

POSTED ON Jan 9 16