Performance marketing that accelerates customer
acquisition by precisely connecting to users at
the ideal point of the customer journey.

We deliver customers through a holistic, integrated approach of calls, user inquiries and data solutions. We work hard to simultaneously get customers to call you, drive in-market users to your brand and fill your CRM database.

Your Company’s Reach

With Visiqua

Brands are looking to reach consumers via different ways and consumers, whether they know it or not, are looking to reach brands in the same ways. Visiqua connects the dots through a targeted, focused approach to performance media.

customer acquisition

What We Do

We build and operate high-quality, evergreen performance marketing programs.

cost per call


Get the customer to
reach out to you.
Find out how we can drive calls directly to your business.
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CPA deals


We drive qualified in-market users to you to interact with your brand.
Explore how easy it can be to reach your target audience with us.
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data points


Drive your demand generation efforts and fill your CRM with targeted hand-raisers.
Discover ways we can help you build a robust database.
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Why Visiqua?

Visiqua is not your typical performance marketing company.

We look at ourselves, not as a traditional performance marketing company, but, as an extension of your marketing team. We are your partner in strategy and execution working off of your goals to build the correct performance marketing program and deliver the business outcomes you need. Many companies in our space focus exclusively on only one or two approaches to reach potential customers. In comparison, Visiqua takes a holistic approach to client initiatives – leveraging calls, traffic and data to tailor our programs to your outcomes.

Over the years, we have tested and utilized many different tools and technologies. Not all of them work – and most only work for one application. For this reason, we crafted our own tech-stack and layered it with a proprietary algorithm to best serve our customers. Our approach, tech-stack and algorithms equate to the success of hundreds of campaigns, spanning millions of events, for dozens of Fortune 500 companies. You, too, can leverage our specialized technologies, our unique program management approach and our algorithms to drive the best business outcomes for you.