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Visiqua Innovation Lab
We test. We learn. We lead the performance marketing industry.

With technology as our tool, Visiqua’s Innovation Labs is building the next generation of AI-powered customer acquisition solutions to ignite the future of lead generation.

The who
Innovating for our industry

Our clients directly benefit from the work we’re doing inside our Innovation Labs. We’re continually improving our own processes to make us smarter partners. Yet, overall industry improvement is the end game, which means we’re testing and learning to elevate everyone in the performance marketing space.

Predictive Matching

By tapping into our own insights and data lakes, we're harnessing demographic characteristics and past behaviors to better understand future consumer actions.

Robotic Process Automation

As we work to streamline automation, our API bots match consumers to the right brand to deliver the ideal consumer experience that can lead to conversion.


Product Innovations

Inside our lab, not every idea comes to life, but many do. The success of our business and our clients’ businesses is proof that experimental thinking can revolutionize lead generation in multiple verticals.

Natural Language Call Bots

Improve customer interactions over the phone without the employee lift. Our human sounding AI agents deliver a natural language experience like no other.

AI SMS Texting Bots

The age of automating text messages is upon us. Through the use of AI, we're helping to answer customer questions about products, services and offers.

Lead Gen Bots for Smart Speakers

Voice searches on smart speakers are growing. We're working to build bots that can drive new leads from these technologies.


Process equals progress

There’s a method to the madness inside our Innovation Labs. Here, hypotheses evolve and questions are answered. The goal is growth for our entire industry and to develop faster, smarter and more successful lead generation strategies.

Step 1

It all starts with a question that hasn’t been raised before or is asked in a completely new way. When you approach something at a different angle, it sheds light on the problem or pain point we’re solving for.

Step 2

With our heads down, we form hypotheses and make assumptions as to what outcomes might prevail. This is the stage when we’re both skeptics and believers.

Step 3

Let the experimentation begin. We build, tinker and tear things down. Again and again to discover what’s possible and what can change our industry game.


Taking performance to the next level.

Through our proprietary tech-stack, the Visiqua plateform is built for today’s consumer while powering results for the businesses of tomorrow.


Tap into our open-ended, call routing bidding system featuring Visiqua's Innovation Labs Call Bots.


Place branded campaigns on our vertically-relevant click exchange to drive more customer traffic to your site for conversion.


Gain access to our owned and operated websites where you can generate form-fill leads that put your brand top of mind.