Call Ping Tree the Most Powerful End-to-End Marketplace

Since 2018, Visiqua has been at the forefront of developing real-time routing and call technology. To that end today we are proud to announce that in partnership with Leadspedia we are releasing the most powerful end-to-end Call Ping Tree and an associated marketplace.  Owning to the similarities between how technology drove the ping tree forward in lead generation, we knew of the need to deliver this technology to the performance pay-per-call space.

For Visiqua, it started with the need to intelligently handle and route calls to the right advertiser.  Matching a call to the right client who had available budgets in real-time.  This was the first iteration of anything that could resemble a call ping tree.  Our early call routing advancements focused on the need to maximize yield as a publisher. From there we worked to evolve the tool to better match the inbound caller to the buyer persona of the advertiser.

What’s Next in Pay-Per-Call?

By 2019 we could sample a call, find a buyer (in specific verticals) for that call and then if that transaction worked out we could match the call with the most appropriate advertiser or decline the call from the source.  This all-in-all was pretty good but one big process remained unsolved.  Could we in a truly dynamic fashion shop and review a call, get a bid on that call with campaign specs, and communicate that out to a partner in real-time allowing them to chose how to sell the call?

In the past, it has always been a simple yes or no back to the partner on if we want to continue with the call. Now, Call Ping Tree will connect Publishers with the highest bidding Advertiser allowing no calls to be missed.

The Birth of our Call Ping Tree & The Marketplace.

Throughout all of 2019, we worked in close partnership with Leadspedia to test and develop a more complete call ping tree.  One that could: Sample a call from a partner, pass it through our systems to be vetted and augmented, dynamically shopped to hundreds of buyers, and then return a bid back to the source with the appropriate campaign specs. Well, today in early Q2 of 2020 we can do that. Are you an advertiser with a broad marketplace of calls? Do you have local campaigns that pay more than national campaigns?  You’d like to run both to maximize your yield? Are you a publisher in an under served vertical or with an excess of calls in non-traditional or SMB calls?

All of this can now be knit together and transact in our end-to-end Marketplace.  All on the most powerful Call Ping Tree on the internet.

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Static calls are dead! Join Visiqua and Leadspedia on a journey of infinite opportunities. Where Tech, Innovation, and Access all come together to create the industry’s most powerful Call Ping Tree.

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