Benefits of Warm Transfers in the Insurance Field

Learning the Benefits of Pay Per Call Warm Transfers for Insurance Marketing

The prospective insurance shopper may have be use to filling out an online form. This can be through a banner ad, paid search, email, survey, landing page, contest, social media, or a host of other online platforms. But for many of these shoppers, it simply took as little as a click of a mouse or phone call to express interest. Their lead may have been generated during any time of the day or night. With warm transfer campaigns, learn about the benefits for insurance carriers.

Now, the process of delivering warm transfer pay per call is quite personal. Rather than sending your potential clients through an endless series of IVR questions, warm transfer pay per call allows them to interact with a real human being. In today’s automated world, this kind of human touch is what gives your business the “unfair advantage” over your competitors as you seek to scale your offers.

How Warm Transfer Calls Work

Warm transfer pay per call is a performance marketing process that takes a simple approach. Your marketing partner begins by publishing and promoting your offers in places where your ideal prospects will most likely access. The prospect completes an online form or makes a call to a dedicated number for a free consultation.

A highly-trained marketing agent answers the call and begins a productive conversation with the prospect. With a script at the fingertips, the agent can ask a series of qualifying questions in the course of a high-touch conversation, leaving the caller feeling warm and cared for throughout. If the caller qualifies for your offer, the agent transfers the call to your call center to continue the conversation and close the deal. Simple! So, here are the key benefits of warm transfer pay per call in the insurance field:

  • People Love Talking to People, Not Computers!

Everyone has probably experienced the frustration of having to press a series of buttons to reach a real person who can eventually help them make a purchase. The IVR experience does not often deliver the same warm, fuzzy experience that a real human does. IVR experiences that are not straight and to the point, often leave consumers angry and confused. However, it has its fair place in inbound marketing as it aids the qualification process. Typically, it saves your call center agents from wasting time talking with callers who have no interest or fit for your offer.

  • You Only Pay If the Call is a Fit

Even though warm transfer calls only reach your call center if they qualify, you still have the opportunity to make the final judgment. For most marketing agencies, you’ll have two minutes to determine if the call is truly a fit, meaning that you won’t risk your marketing dollars generating iffy leads that may or may not convert. As a result, your conversion rate will significantly grow as your CPA reduces.

  • Take Calls During Office Working Hours

Warm transfer calls are only available to your call center during your working hours. You won’t have to rely on internet lead companies that send calls whenever they receive them. With performance calls, it’s a live person on the phone who will only transfer calls when you’re open and have the time to speak with the prospect and issue a quote. See how Visiqua is targeting call campaigns through our newest product, Call Ping Tree. Our Call Ping Tree allows advertisers to scale, target and set time parameters when building out a call campaign.

  • Warm Transfers are 100% Exclusive

Once a call is transferred to your agency, it is never transferred to someone else or actively marketed elsewhere. This is contrary to what internet lead companies do of transferring a single call to 7 or 8 different companies. With performance calls, the caller is holding on the phone, qualified, and willing to receive a quote. Once the call comes through to your call center, it’s never sent anywhere else.

Bottom Line

With warm transfer PPC services, you won’t need to sit down wondering whether your calls will convert. If your business is ready to scale, then there is no faster and efficient way to do so than with performance calls. Try a call campaign with Visiqua and you’ll be delighted with the real-time results!