With the rapid increase in mobile device usage, the pay-per-call industry has exploded in recent years and shows no signs of slowing. We can show you all the ways you can tap into this expanding traffic source.

Steve is ready to engage and wants to speak to someone on the phone immediately.

Calls Use Case: Meet Steve

Steve is the market for new car insurance. He likes to get things done quickly; he’d prefer to just call and have information presented to him. We can direct Steve to a phone number he can call to reach an insurance specialist immediately.

Steve’s Profile

Steve is the type of customer that likes to take immediate action – he wants a qualified option for auto insurance, quickly. He also prefers to talk to people versus going online.

How We Reach Steve

We can reach Steve in a number of ways: media with a number to call (banner ads, text messaging, interstitial ads, emails, social); voice-activated options to call (Alexa, Google Home, Siri); and click-to-call options when searching on mobile. Our goal is to provide Steve with all the information he needs to call and request auto insurance.

Clients this Works For

Complex Products

Products that require a human being to help or require sharing sensitive information.

Tiered Pricing Products

Products that have pricing structures, price levels or multiple price points.