Visiqua’s Clicks to Convert Adds More Features

Visiqua Creates Click Platform with New Features That Are Changing The Click Space

Clicks to Convert Improves Ad Placement Features With New Scheduling Elements

With the launch of Clicks to Convert back in January, Visiqua has been working to make improvements to its new click platform. For those unfamiliar, Clicks to Convert is a new media marketplace connecting advertisers to partners directly. Advertisers will then be connecting directly with in-market shoppers on vertically relevant sites and media outlets.

Similarly as publishers ourselves, we understand the pain points of what is already out there. In other words, it is this knowledge that led to us creating a robust, simple to use marketplace. Therefore, ClickstoConvert is designed to do one thing – deliver high intent clicks that convert users into new customers.

With the roll-out of our platform, we have been able to add features that set us apart from our competitors. Not only can we offer granularity in location, time & vertical when it comes to delivering ads, but we now offer key features like zip code targeting and time zone scheduling. These key features make ad placements specific to your ROI with an easy to use interface.

Speaking of ROI, one of the features Clicks to Convert offers is our second-price auction model. The second price auction model means you will only pay the exact price needed during your campaign to win the bid while delivering engaging leads. Imagine not overpaying for clicks anymore!

These elements along with flexible ad units set us apart from what is currently out there in the click-based marketplace. The launch of Clicks to Convert is just the latest innovation coming out of Visiqua. Visiqua is trying to break the mold of traditional lead generation efforts. We continue to create a better way for our partners to meet their acquisition targets.

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