Take charge of your CTR

Tap into Visiqua’s Click marketplace to increase click through rates and lower your cost per click. Built to benefit both advertisers and publishers, our vertically-relevant secondary click-exchange delivers bottom-line results that transform your business.

Second Price Auction

Only pay a penny more than the next highest bidder, which saves you an average of 25-30%.

Custom Target Fields

Set target filters for campaigns to zero in on zip codes and time zones to reach desired customers.

Auto-Generate Ad Sizes

Simply upload logos and messaging, and our platform automatically generates up to 9 different ad sizes.

Vertical Matching

By matching advertisers and publishers in related industries, in-market users are more likely to click and buy a specific product or service.

How it works

More clicks equals more acquisitions

Effective acquisition campaigns start with our vertically-relevant,

secondary click exchange featuring real-time reporting.

Step 1

Sign up for Visiqua’s Click marketplace

Step 2

Submit the websites in which the ads will appear

Step 1

Sign up for Visiqua’s Click marketplace

Step 2

Build a campaign with our campaign wizard and targeting filters

Step 3

Upload one creative example or your logo and copy and watch as our platform converts those assets in to 9 Ad sizes.

Step 4

Go live after one of our team members approves your campaign

Step 3

Create code to placed on your sites through javascript or JSON.

Step 4

Start monetizing and measuring performance in real time through our dashboard


Performance is our purpose

Build your dynamic acquisition campaign when you discover more about Visiqua’s solutions.


Tap into our open-ended, call routing bidding system featuring Visiqua's Call-specific marketplace.


Gain access to our owned and operated websites where you can generate form-fill leads that put your brand top of mind.

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