We are headed to the Invoca Summit

Visiqua is headed to Santa Barbara next month as many of the industry’s leaders converge for Invoca Summit. The 3-day event gives attendees a market pulse for the call industry.  A chance for some quality networking and recognizes the shining stars.

We are honored to be a finalist for one of Invoca’s most prestigious awards:

Strategic Call Partner of the Year


Also, don’t miss Visiqua President, David Walsh speaking about the shift in the call space to real-time APIs and the use of emerging technologies like signal AI to detangle that web, Wednesday morning on the main stage.  If you are also attending the event Dave, Jamie, and Andrew would love to spend a few minutes to catch up or get to know each other! Email us at sales@visiqua.com to schedule an appointment during the conference.

Hope to see you there!

The Visiqua Team