Visiqua’s Warm Transfer Program

At Visiqua, we have been in the business of driving calls to the client in an inbound basis for years. Whether it’s a website, banner ad, or phone call, it goes straight to you, the client. Our latest marketing approach, the warm transfer program, a call either comes to us first or a prospect fills out a form, then we call them back. This allows the vetting process to happen on our end and we can send you the right person. It’s hard to find good prospects, but we make it easier, and with that comes a lot of benefits.


This program sends customers who are ready to close the deal, directly to you. Instead of receiving cold calls, skilled call center operators do the upfront work, so that every time your agents pick up the phone, there is a customer ready to make a purchase.


The call center is powered by professionals who have a knack for generating quality warm transfers, and, typically, our specialists turn cold prospects into buying customers at a rate of 30-40%.


Representatives engage and screen all prospects to validate their interest in buying, today. Then, when it is time to send the prospect to your agent, the operator recaps the call for a smooth and seamless transfer, ensuring that no potential customer is ever lost.


Fielding unfiltered phone calls can be a lot of work, not to mention expensive. In the end, often less than 20% percent of leads reach a real, live person willing to hear a sales pitch, and then, only a few of those completed calls turn into a sale. It’s takes a lot to find the handful of customers hiding within a stack of leads. Since early 2018, our warm-transfer program has been taking prospecting off the hands of our clients.


We place the media required to source new customers and drive them to our call center.  There a trained specialist does the qualifying work and sends an informed and ready consumer who has already said “YES” to your product or service. This means that you pay nothing until the transfer is complete. Running digital media campaign that engage leads and create customers for clients in numerous challenging industries is our specialty.


We can drive high volumes of new customers efficiently and effectively. Our warm transfer program can pre-qualify your leads, increase your efficiency, save you money, and transform your business.


Connect with us today to tailor the perfect warm transfer program for your needs.