Pay Per Call & The Benefits For Marketers

Warm Transfer vs. Cold Transfer – Which One Works For Me?

Marketing is a massive industry on the internet today. Many businesses rely on the internet to get their products in front of their customers. Using internet marketing strategies, including pay per call, Advertisers obtain the best results from their experiences since they can get in front on consumers. Pay per call marketing is an advertising, performance and billing marketing strategy that enables business owners to connect with in market customers via phone calls via warm or cold transfer.

Like other lead generation methods of marketing, pay per call is a simplified way for Publishers and Advertisers to purchase and establish connections with real potential customers. Since businesses are willing to spend money to get leads and customers, pay per call has become an increasingly preferable means among companies- potentially due to its significant benefits.

Pay Per Call: How it Works

A basic pay per call outline involves three major parties, the Advertiser, the Consumer, and the Publisher. Typically, Advertisers will pay for Publishers to connect with ideal Consumer with their brand. However, there are more complex scenarios that may involve more distinct parties, for example, in the case of performance marketing –multiple stakeholders, networks, and platforms are involved. As a Performance Marketing Agency, Visiqua not only creates static call campaigns for clients, we also use a call ping tree platform. Call Ping Tree allows for Advertisers and Publishers to connect in real time using a bidding system. Static campaigns only allow for one to one connections. In Call Ping Tree, it allows for Advertisers to connect with more consumers. Publishers also have more opportunities to connect with more Advertisers.

Benefits of Warm Transfer vs. a Cold Transfer

Warm transfers system ensures that only the leads that are most likely make a purchase are directed to your business. Cold transfer, however, involves forwarding all calls to you.

Here are some benefits of implementing pay per call marketing model.

Benefits of Warm Transfers

• It is less competitive since most transfers have data along with consumer information
• They pre-qualify leads
• Offer increased conversion rates
• Easily optimized
• Better ROI

Disadvantages of Warm Transfers

• May be a little expensive due to the analysis that goes behind it
• Reduces the overall number of leads

Benefits of Cold Transfers

• Offers more potential leads to track in future
• Builds potential client list for the future

Disadvantages of Cold Transfers

• Relatively low conversion rates
• With blind transfers, the calls may be mixed up and rerouted to the wrong targets
• Some calls may be routed twice to different employees

Who does this work for?

Pay per call works exceptionally well since almost everyone today has a phone, and the number is continuously increasing. There are over 6.3 billion broadband subscriptions worldwide as of 2020, while 81% of American residents already have a smartphone.

This marketing strategy is popular for valuable leads, which, in return, has led to a significantly higher conversion rate for businesses using this model. This model is ideal for companies that thrive on booking appointments or sell products through the phone. However, other traditional businesses can also benefit from this model. As consumers feel more comfortable making a purchase with a real person, pay per call marketing is beneficial to all businesses.

For tailored and targeted pay per call marketing campaigns for your business, contact us today at Visiqua. At Visiqua, we offer performance marketing to accelerate of customers for businesses. Using our integrated approach, we provide your business with the best leads by analyzing the ideal customer journey.