Performance Marketing as The Economy Shifts in 2020

Performance Marketing & It’s Effects

Performance marketing is a strategy for online advertising that is based on performance. This performance can be in the form of a series of executed desired results like a completed lead, sale, or download. In performance marketing, advertisers pay marketing companies after a specific action has been completed like a click, lead, data entry or sale.

Performance marketing is used interchangeably with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is part of performance marketing which includes email marketing, search marketing, influencer marketing, and any marketing campaign where the marketing partner exchanges sales.

Like other types of traditional advertising where fees are paid in advance and are not dependent on an advertisement’s success, advertisers who deal with performance marketing only pay if a transaction is successful. Thus making performance marketing cost effective and results driven.

How It Works

Performance marketing involves four groups: Advertisers, Publishers, Publisher Networks, and Affiliate Managers. Advertisers are businesses that want to promote their products and services through a vertically relevant publisher. On the other hand, Publishers are involved with generating content or engaging in advertising efforts to generate leads and sales. These Publishers come in many forms, from coupon websites, lead generation websites to product review sites.

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Who It Works For

Businesses in various industries such as travel, packaged goods, insurance, couponing, and home services are very successful in performance marketing. The businesses that do well in performance marketing have an established online brand. Being involved in various marketing channels with an engaged audience, or having a website with a reasonable conversation rate, is also crucial to succeed in performance marketing.

Types of Performance Marketing

Pay Per Call

Pay per call is an effective way of increasing revenue and making money through performance marketing. It is a marketing strategy where retailers pay publishers to generate calls. The publisher uses creative messages to entice prospective clients to make calls to purchase or inquire about products or services. Publishers, in pay per call campaigns, earn commissions for calls that lasts for a specific period or any sale the retailer closes.

Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click is a marketing campaign in which retailers pay each time one of their advertisements has a click. The incentive for visiting a particular website is a financial reward. One of the most popular forms of payer per click is search engine advertising.

Pay Per Lead

Pay per lead is another performance marketing campaign where an advertiser pays for the number of leads generated to their destination site. The main distinction from pay per click is that the retailer does not pay for visitors who do not sign up. Generally, a lead is a sign up that involves contact information, some demographic data, and other essential information. It may consist of only an email address or a detailed data form with multiple pages.

Application Downloads

Retailers with mobile applications can use performance marketing to encourage application downloads. This means payment is available to marketers for every successful download. Applications are typical for businesses in many industries, including ecommerce, technology, and food.

How Have Marketing Efforts Shifted?

The COVID-19 lockdowns across the world have resulted in major economic impacts. The major advantage we have in today’s society, that was not present in the past, is the internet. While many marketing teams have been dissolved because conventional marketing techniques are less effective during the present crisis, many businesses are conducting their operations online despite closing down their physical stores.

Performance marketing strategies do not demand exhaustive budgets and resources and are well suited for any business.

Performance marketing seems to be the most viable strategy for any business hoping to remain afloat during this COVID-19 pandemic.


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