Verticals That Are Best for Pay Per Call Campaigns

Here Are The Top Verticals for Pay Per Call Campaigns

Pay per call is quickly gaining popularity in affiliate circles; however, like all forms of affiliate marketing, choosing the perfect vertical is critical. You need to look at factors such as call volume, competition, load dependence, business hours, and availability. Once you’ve settled for several verticals, look at client factors such as sales cycle, lifetime client value, etc. This will help narrow down to niches such as:

  1. Insurance

Pay per call allows you to market your products to specific areas, which is necessary for marketing insurance products. Unlike pay-per-click, whose conversion rate is below 10%, pay per call has a conversion rate that can be as high as 50%.

However, keep in mind that insurance marketing is highly competitive; thus, you might struggle to gain a foothold in the market. It is best to determine if your company wants cold or warm transfers before setting a budget. Also, decide what specific insurance you want your calls to be for — it could be home insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, etc. This can result is better conversions along with narrowing down what your consumer needs.

  1. Home Services

Most home service companies prefer the old school technique where the use of vehicle advertisements, direct mailing, or fliers to advertise. Home service companies have built clientele by interacting with locals but pay per call also offers another advantage. Rather than looking for consumers, the consumers comes to them. With pay per call campaigns, potential clients are calling because they are in need of their service. This allows for reasonable conversion rates and new loyal customers.

By creating pay per call campaigns, there is a human interaction to explain service requests and future needs. There is also a percentage of recurring customers, because of services that require multiple visits.

  1. Travel

The travel industry is competitive as you’re competing with travel agents, booking apps, travel sites, and social media. The internet has made it easier for travelers to research and book travel destinations. However, there is still a small percentage that prefers to book their travels through traditional travel agents. In 2019, 13% of travelers booked their vacations via traditional agents, which is a 5% increase compared to the previous year.

Travelers are gradually turning to traditional agents as they’re knowledgeable and provide additional service, especially when things don’t go as planned. This also allows for travel agents to sell additional excursions and features to an existing trip. Consumers want to speak to agents and learn about destinations before booking. You can use a pay per call campaign that focuses on the primary channels that travelers use to research vacations. You’re likely to generate quality leads as consumers are turning towards travel agents for travel information.

  1. Auto Services

This is another vertical that could prove lucrative as most consumers seek auto services out of necessity. Services like towing generally perform well as users seeking these services are mobile and looking for assistance. Unlike other services where consumers have time to ‘shop’ around, here, the clients typically settle for the first option.

In your campaign, ensure that you utilize geo-targeting plus keywords whose target audience is people seeking the auto service offered. Be sure to have a call to action, availability, and pricing to help improve your CTR.


Pay per call advertising has a better conversion rate than typical marketing campaigns as the consumers often initiate contact or have inquired about additional information. Pay per call campaigns are easier to trust compared to the internet, where scams have become an everyday occurrence. Converting users into consumers isn’t easy; however, here at Visiqua, we’ve developed tools, strategies combined with experience to improve your marketing campaign. Reach out to see how your brand can improve by adding pay per call to your marketing efforts.