Visiqua Named To mThink Top 10 List for Pay-Per-Call Services

Visiqua, a performance marketing company in Boulder, Colo., was named one of the Top 10 Best Pay-Per-Call Networks in the World by mThink, a digital marketing publication.  

Pay-per-call networks provide lead generation that’s becoming ever more critical as mobile devices outpace desktop usage.  

“As we focus on expanding our pay-per-call business, we’re honored to be included in a group that includes companies with proven track records and longtime reputations,” said David Walsh, President of Visiqua.  

According to mThink: “Visiqua is part of the Boulder Heavy Industries investment group based in Colorado. An experienced team, proprietary technology and enough financial backing to provide stability make Visiqua one to watch in the pay-per-call space.”

Pay-per-call companies are part of a scalable, fast-growing industry as agencies and brands explore their options to meet the consumer at the right point of the journey. Pay-per-call experts provide high-quality traffic and great returns on investment.

The Top 10 list by mThink was its first ranking of pay-per-call networks. Its criteria: Companies with proven leadership, experience, and trust.

About Visiqua:

Visiqua was founded as a spin-off of Boulder Heavy Industries to be the performance marketing arm of the group. In addition to significant pay-per-call offerings, leveraging our own tech-stack Visiqua operates in all manner of performance marketing along the consumer journey, from strategy to program execution. As a marketer if you want to get customers to call you, visit your website, or to research your offerings online. Visiqua can help connect you to your customers at the right point in the journey.