Welcome to the Visiqua Performance Marketing Blog

Welcome to the Visiqua Blog – an open discussion on the approaches, tools, and strategies used to successfully execute performance marketing campaigns.

Over the course of this blog, we’ll discuss what we have learned during careers in the performance marketing space.  We will share: wins, losses, and data (where appropriate) that we have gleaned over the years; you’ll see the occasional guest piece and case-studies as well.  If any of this sparks your interest, you’d like to contribute or debate our assertions, we are always open for inquiries at Info@Visiqua.com.   We have been fortunate that over the years we’ve had the opportunity to implement and evaluate hundreds, if not thousands, of performance-based advertising campaigns.  We have worked in both the B2B & B2C spaces.  We’ve run PPC, PPV, lead gen, content syndication, display, email, co-reg, you name it on behalf of our clients.  Each of those campaigns produced for us and our clients a world of data and learning.   What we were able to take away from those campaigns, the insights, the things we’d do differently, the places we’d start instead of end up, will form the lions’ share of what we cover in this endeavor.

Regardless of how one defines the success of a marketing initiative, be it to fill a consumer database or CRM or generate demand for a new-to-market product, this is the fundamental place we all start.  Developing a marketing goal and corresponding strategy to achieve that goal are things we all have done and do every day.  Modern marketers know where to start.  Rather than start there, we’ll look at the operational side of the equation; how we help our clients avoid the common early campaign miss-steps and structural pitfalls that wreck so many marketing initiatives.

To that end, what better place is there to start than the first place a client interacts with your website: The Landing Page.