Target customers with tactics designed to hit the mark.

Whether you employ one approach or a custom mix of dynamic tactics, you can up-level customer acquisition with performance marketing campaigns built to succeed.



Put calls to work for you. Our platform produces in-market consumers ready to buy, making every inbound lead ripe for conversion. Plus, you only pay for the call which makes campaigns risk-free and results driven.

Inbound Calls

A customer picks up the phone after seeking out your number or you can call on target customers that fit your desired target profile.

Call Transfers

A trusted publisher transfers a call from a high-intent customer to an advertiser that has a service to provide.

Brand Matching + Call Routing

Featuring Call Ping Tree technology, AI-based call routing and brand matching filters send targeted calls that have high probability of conversion.

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Unlock the power of the click-through. We pinpoint in-market customers who are looking for your specific product or service driving them to your site increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Auction-Based Platform

Save significant marketing dollars with the opportunity to pay only a penny more than the next highest bidder.

Auto-Generate Ads

Less work, more return with auto-generation of multiple ad sizes with only one upload of ad creative.

Vertical Matching

Private marketplaces ensure contextual placement of ads on relevant sites increasing CTR and ROI.

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You’re on the hunt for high-intent consumers. Capture the leads you need to succeed through time-tested, lead generation strategies.

Real-Time Form Fill

High-intent form fills are submitted into our exchange and routed through our dynamic ping tree for the best match.

Aged Data Form Fills

Archived leads or previously sold full-form web leads, up to 90 days old, are used to reinvigorate consumers as well as present cross-vertical opportunities.

CRM Database Building

Increase the number of records in your customer base with more high-intent leads to help you maximize a customer’s lifetime value.

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The framework

Here’s a look at the acquisition process

Our campaigns are all about customer acquisition: selling a call, a click, or a lead.

These are all tactics for the same goal of acqusition.

Step 1

Whether it’s one or more tactics, we craft campaigns designed to find consumers who are in-market and ready to convert.

Step 2

Next, we present multiple opportunities for consumers to convert in the ways they prefer most (forms, calls, etc.).

Step 3

Then, we use our technology stack’s data targeting tools to route and match a consumer profile with your brand.

Vetting leads


We take compliance as seriously as we take delivering bottom-line growth. Funneling leads through multiple best-practice programs ensures the delivery of quality leads whether you’re utilizing one Visiqua solution or a dynamic mix of our tactics.

Publisher Vetting

Fraud/Bot Blockers

Litigator Removal

Consent Proof via Certificate

Call Recordings

Consent Verification


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