Takeaways from the 2018 Invoca Summit

The annual Invoca Summit is an opportunity for pay-per-call industry leaders to share the latest drivers and trends in the market while providing a chance to network and engage in quality discussion. We were proud to take the stage and have the opportunity to introduce Visiqua to a wider audience and to discuss both our direction and wider themes in the performance call space.


There are some clear themes developing in the call space and some clear direction for Visiqua in 2019. From our perspective, these topics really group themselves into several main theses. First and foremost is the continued maturation of the space and how we expect it to parallel the previous evolution we saw in lead generation. Now that the initial boom and interest in calls is evolving, we’ll see three key drivers push the business over the next several years.


  • Advertisers, now well versed in buying all of the calls, will need to find a way to buy smarter to lower their back-end cost to acquire, after all there is no point in paying for a call from a low or no value customer.
  • The need for publishers to maximize individual call yield as they undoubtedly sell a lower percentage of raw calls to more sophisticated individual advertisers.
  • Call Technology will need to evolve to facilitate the items above. Publishers and advertisers will need more sophisticated ways to augment, understand, and handle calls.


It will be interesting coming back to the Invoca Summit a year from now to see how these trends have evolved over the year and driven the market. We expect we’ll see some new markets open up with the help of out of the box technologies. We also anticipate a need to improve call quality measurement to solve for new and more varied types of call fraud.  Finally, we foresee continued evolution towards real-time call scoring and call decisioning. It will be interesting to see if all of this happens in just 12 months or which of these come first.  One sure thing is we’ll enjoy another 4 days in Santa Barbara.