Invoca X Visiqua Case Study: Call Tracking and Analytics To Get Full Visibility of the Customer Journey


Visiqua is a performance marketing agency that is focused on accelerating customer acquisition by precisely connecting to users at the ideal point of the customer journey.

It started out as a traditional CPA traffic generation agency, but it wanted to explore how it could bring pay-per-call services into the business to expand its reach and offer more services to its customers.

Many Visiqua clients are in considered purchase categories like insurance and home services, and in those categories, driving high-intent customers to the phone is a very important part of their call tracking business.


call tracking


In order to track leads and conversions for brands, affiliates, and publishers,Visiqua  needed to implement a call tracking solution. They tried several call tracking platforms to get the new pay-per call business going, but none were a great fit. “We tried three other call tracking solutions, but they were all big failures,” said Jamie Sutton, VP Revenue & Product. “We knew we had to get into the pay-per-call business, but you’ve got to have the right tech stack to support it.”