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Benefits of Warm Transfers in the Insurance Field

Learning the Benefits of Pay Per Call Warm Transfers for Insurance Marketing

The prospective insurance shopper may have be use to filling out an online form. This can be through a banner ad, paid search, email, survey, landing page, contest, social media, or a host of other online platforms. But for many of these shoppers, it simply took as little as a click of a mouse or phone call to express interest. Their lead may have been generated during any time of the day or night. With warm transfer campaigns, learn about the benefits for insurance carriers.

Now, the process of delivering warm transfer pay per call is quite personal. Rather than sending your potential clients through an endless series of IVR questions, warm transfer pay per call allows them to interact with a real human being. In today’s automated world, this kind of human touch is what gives your business the “unfair advantage” over your competitors as you seek to scale your offers.

How Warm Transfer Calls Work

Warm transfer pay per call is a performance marketing process that takes a simple approach. Your marketing partner begins by publishing and promoting your offers in places where your ideal prospects will most likely access. The prospect completes an online form or makes a call to a dedicated number for a free consultation.

A highly-trained marketing agent answers the call and begins a productive conversation with the prospect. With a script at the fingertips, the agent can ask a series of qualifying questions in the course of a high-touch conversation, leaving the caller feeling warm and cared for throughout. If the caller qualifies for your offer, the agent transfers the call to your call center to continue the conversation and close the deal. Simple! So, here are the key benefits of warm transfer pay per call in the insurance field:

  • People Love Talking to People, Not Computers!

Everyone has probably experienced the frustration of having to press a series of buttons to reach a real person who can eventually help them make a purchase. The IVR experience does not often deliver the same warm, fuzzy experience that a real human does. IVR experiences that are not straight and to the point, often leave consumers angry and confused. However, it has its fair place in inbound marketing as it aids the qualification process. Typically, it saves your call center agents from wasting time talking with callers who have no interest or fit for your offer.

  • You Only Pay If the Call is a Fit

Even though warm transfer calls only reach your call center if they qualify, you still have the opportunity to make the final judgment. For most marketing agencies, you’ll have two minutes to determine if the call is truly a fit, meaning that you won’t risk your marketing dollars generating iffy leads that may or may not convert. As a result, your conversion rate will significantly grow as your CPA reduces.

  • Take Calls During Office Working Hours

Warm transfer calls are only available to your call center during your working hours. You won’t have to rely on internet lead companies that send calls whenever they receive them. With performance calls, it’s a live person on the phone who will only transfer calls when you’re open and have the time to speak with the prospect and issue a quote. See how Visiqua is targeting call campaigns through our newest product, Call Ping Tree. Our Call Ping Tree allows advertisers to scale, target and set time parameters when building out a call campaign.

  • Warm Transfers are 100% Exclusive

Once a call is transferred to your agency, it is never transferred to someone else or actively marketed elsewhere. This is contrary to what internet lead companies do of transferring a single call to 7 or 8 different companies. With performance calls, the caller is holding on the phone, qualified, and willing to receive a quote. Once the call comes through to your call center, it’s never sent anywhere else.

Bottom Line

With warm transfer PPC services, you won’t need to sit down wondering whether your calls will convert. If your business is ready to scale, then there is no faster and efficient way to do so than with performance calls. Try a call campaign with Visiqua and you’ll be delighted with the real-time results!

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Verticals That Are Best for Pay Per Call Campaigns

Here Are The Top Verticals for Pay Per Call Campaigns

Pay per call is quickly gaining popularity in affiliate circles; however, like all forms of affiliate marketing, choosing the perfect vertical is critical. You need to look at factors such as call volume, competition, load dependence, business hours, and availability. Once you’ve settled for several verticals, look at client factors such as sales cycle, lifetime client value, etc. This will help narrow down to niches such as:

  1. Insurance

Pay per call allows you to market your products to specific areas, which is necessary for marketing insurance products. Unlike pay-per-click, whose conversion rate is below 10%, pay per call has a conversion rate that can be as high as 50%.

However, keep in mind that insurance marketing is highly competitive; thus, you might struggle to gain a foothold in the market. It is best to determine if your company wants cold or warm transfers before setting a budget. Also, decide what specific insurance you want your calls to be for — it could be home insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, etc. This can result is better conversions along with narrowing down what your consumer needs.

  1. Home Services

Most home service companies prefer the old school technique where the use of vehicle advertisements, direct mailing, or fliers to advertise. Home service companies have built clientele by interacting with locals but pay per call also offers another advantage. Rather than looking for consumers, the consumers comes to them. With pay per call campaigns, potential clients are calling because they are in need of their service. This allows for reasonable conversion rates and new loyal customers.

By creating pay per call campaigns, there is a human interaction to explain service requests and future needs. There is also a percentage of recurring customers, because of services that require multiple visits.

  1. Travel

The travel industry is competitive as you’re competing with travel agents, booking apps, travel sites, and social media. The internet has made it easier for travelers to research and book travel destinations. However, there is still a small percentage that prefers to book their travels through traditional travel agents. In 2019, 13% of travelers booked their vacations via traditional agents, which is a 5% increase compared to the previous year.

Travelers are gradually turning to traditional agents as they’re knowledgeable and provide additional service, especially when things don’t go as planned. This also allows for travel agents to sell additional excursions and features to an existing trip. Consumers want to speak to agents and learn about destinations before booking. You can use a pay per call campaign that focuses on the primary channels that travelers use to research vacations. You’re likely to generate quality leads as consumers are turning towards travel agents for travel information.

  1. Auto Services

This is another vertical that could prove lucrative as most consumers seek auto services out of necessity. Services like towing generally perform well as users seeking these services are mobile and looking for assistance. Unlike other services where consumers have time to ‘shop’ around, here, the clients typically settle for the first option.

In your campaign, ensure that you utilize geo-targeting plus keywords whose target audience is people seeking the auto service offered. Be sure to have a call to action, availability, and pricing to help improve your CTR.


Pay per call advertising has a better conversion rate than typical marketing campaigns as the consumers often initiate contact or have inquired about additional information. Pay per call campaigns are easier to trust compared to the internet, where scams have become an everyday occurrence. Converting users into consumers isn’t easy; however, here at Visiqua, we’ve developed tools, strategies combined with experience to improve your marketing campaign. Reach out to see how your brand can improve by adding pay per call to your marketing efforts.

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Pay Per Call & The Benefits For Marketers

Warm Transfer vs. Cold Transfer – Which One Works For Me?

Marketing is a massive industry on the internet today. Many businesses rely on the internet to get their products in front of their customers. Using internet marketing strategies, including pay per call, Advertisers obtain the best results from their experiences since they can get in front on consumers. Pay per call marketing is an advertising, performance and billing marketing strategy that enables business owners to connect with in market customers via phone calls via warm or cold transfer.

Like other lead generation methods of marketing, pay per call is a simplified way for Publishers and Advertisers to purchase and establish connections with real potential customers. Since businesses are willing to spend money to get leads and customers, pay per call has become an increasingly preferable means among companies- potentially due to its significant benefits.

Pay Per Call: How it Works

A basic pay per call outline involves three major parties, the Advertiser, the Consumer, and the Publisher. Typically, Advertisers will pay for Publishers to connect with ideal Consumer with their brand. However, there are more complex scenarios that may involve more distinct parties, for example, in the case of performance marketing –multiple stakeholders, networks, and platforms are involved. As a Performance Marketing Agency, Visiqua not only creates static call campaigns for clients, we also use a call ping tree platform. Call Ping Tree allows for Advertisers and Publishers to connect in real time using a bidding system. Static campaigns only allow for one to one connections. In Call Ping Tree, it allows for Advertisers to connect with more consumers. Publishers also have more opportunities to connect with more Advertisers.

Benefits of Warm Transfer vs. a Cold Transfer

Warm transfers system ensures that only the leads that are most likely make a purchase are directed to your business. Cold transfer, however, involves forwarding all calls to you.

Here are some benefits of implementing pay per call marketing model.

Benefits of Warm Transfers

• It is less competitive since most transfers have data along with consumer information
• They pre-qualify leads
• Offer increased conversion rates
• Easily optimized
• Better ROI

Disadvantages of Warm Transfers

• May be a little expensive due to the analysis that goes behind it
• Reduces the overall number of leads

Benefits of Cold Transfers

• Offers more potential leads to track in future
• Builds potential client list for the future

Disadvantages of Cold Transfers

• Relatively low conversion rates
• With blind transfers, the calls may be mixed up and rerouted to the wrong targets
• Some calls may be routed twice to different employees

Who does this work for?

Pay per call works exceptionally well since almost everyone today has a phone, and the number is continuously increasing. There are over 6.3 billion broadband subscriptions worldwide as of 2020, while 81% of American residents already have a smartphone.

This marketing strategy is popular for valuable leads, which, in return, has led to a significantly higher conversion rate for businesses using this model. This model is ideal for companies that thrive on booking appointments or sell products through the phone. However, other traditional businesses can also benefit from this model. As consumers feel more comfortable making a purchase with a real person, pay per call marketing is beneficial to all businesses.

For tailored and targeted pay per call marketing campaigns for your business, contact us today at Visiqua. At Visiqua, we offer performance marketing to accelerate of customers for businesses. Using our integrated approach, we provide your business with the best leads by analyzing the ideal customer journey.

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Performance Marketing as The Economy Shifts in 2020

Performance Marketing & It’s Effects

Performance marketing is a strategy for online advertising that is based on performance. This performance can be in the form of a series of executed desired results like a completed lead, sale, or download. In performance marketing, advertisers pay marketing companies after a specific action has been completed like a click, lead, data entry or sale.

Performance marketing is used interchangeably with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is part of performance marketing which includes email marketing, search marketing, influencer marketing, and any marketing campaign where the marketing partner exchanges sales.

Like other types of traditional advertising where fees are paid in advance and are not dependent on an advertisement’s success, advertisers who deal with performance marketing only pay if a transaction is successful. Thus making performance marketing cost effective and results driven.

How It Works

Performance marketing involves four groups: Advertisers, Publishers, Publisher Networks, and Affiliate Managers. Advertisers are businesses that want to promote their products and services through a vertically relevant publisher. On the other hand, Publishers are involved with generating content or engaging in advertising efforts to generate leads and sales. These Publishers come in many forms, from coupon websites, lead generation websites to product review sites.

By working with Visiqua, you can count on us to handle all of your performance marketing campaigns. We make sure to align Publishers and Advertisers that vertically relevant. If you are looking to reinforce your marketing efforts with a resourceful and experienced performance marketing agency, Visiqua is the solution. You can count on us to handle all your affiliate marketing campaigns. From start to finish leaving your team to focus on other pertinent organization issues.

Who It Works For

Businesses in various industries such as travel, packaged goods, insurance, couponing, and home services are very successful in performance marketing. The businesses that do well in performance marketing have an established online brand. Being involved in various marketing channels with an engaged audience, or having a website with a reasonable conversation rate, is also crucial to succeed in performance marketing.

Types of Performance Marketing

Pay Per Call

Pay per call is an effective way of increasing revenue and making money through performance marketing. It is a marketing strategy where retailers pay publishers to generate calls. The publisher uses creative messages to entice prospective clients to make calls to purchase or inquire about products or services. Publishers, in pay per call campaigns, earn commissions for calls that lasts for a specific period or any sale the retailer closes.

Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click is a marketing campaign in which retailers pay each time one of their advertisements has a click. The incentive for visiting a particular website is a financial reward. One of the most popular forms of payer per click is search engine advertising.

Pay Per Lead

Pay per lead is another performance marketing campaign where an advertiser pays for the number of leads generated to their destination site. The main distinction from pay per click is that the retailer does not pay for visitors who do not sign up. Generally, a lead is a sign up that involves contact information, some demographic data, and other essential information. It may consist of only an email address or a detailed data form with multiple pages.

Application Downloads

Retailers with mobile applications can use performance marketing to encourage application downloads. This means payment is available to marketers for every successful download. Applications are typical for businesses in many industries, including ecommerce, technology, and food.

How Have Marketing Efforts Shifted?

The COVID-19 lockdowns across the world have resulted in major economic impacts. The major advantage we have in today’s society, that was not present in the past, is the internet. While many marketing teams have been dissolved because conventional marketing techniques are less effective during the present crisis, many businesses are conducting their operations online despite closing down their physical stores.

Performance marketing strategies do not demand exhaustive budgets and resources and are well suited for any business.

Performance marketing seems to be the most viable strategy for any business hoping to remain afloat during this COVID-19 pandemic.


Generating sales can be difficult for startup companies or in industries populated by superior brands. However, here at Visiqua, we can turn your business into a success by attracting huge traffic and leads to your brand. We employ various performance marketing campaigns to ensure our clients a significant market share in their respective industries. If you are interested in increasing your return on investment, boosting profits, and increasing your clientele, you can count on Visiqua to do it for you.


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Visiqua Ranks on mThink Top 10 Pay-Per-Call Network

For The Third Year, Visiqua Ranks Top 10 for Best Pay-Per-Call Networks

Visiqua, was for the third year in a row named one of the 10 Best Pay Per Call Marketing Partners in the World by mThink, a leading performance marketing digital publication.

Pay per call marketing firms and publishers like Visiqua focus on delivering customers directly to clients over the phone.  A practice becoming ever more critical as the shift towards mobile usage outpaces desktop.

“As we continue to focus on our pay-per-call marketing efforts for our clients and evolve our technology, we are again honored to be included in the annual mThink list of top firms in the space,” said David Walsh, President of Visiqua.

According to mThink, “An experienced team, proprietary technology, and enough financial backing to provide stability make Visiqua one to watch in the pay-per-call space.”

Pay-per-call marketing firms are part of a scalable, fast-growing industry. Pay-per-call is on the leading edge of meeting the consumer at the point of conversion. Through out performance marketing, Pay-per-call campaigns provide high-quality traffic and great returns on investment.

Growing in the success of our ranking, Visiqua in partnership with LeadsPedia, announced the newest product – Call Ping Tree. Over the years, we have been working to create an end-to-end marketplace specifically for calls. We knew that there were pings trees available in the industry but not one that grants Publishers and Advertisers to connect directly in one platform.

Call Ping Tree now allows for Advertisers to bid appropriately in real-time based on data factors while Publishers ping multiple buyers. Say goodbye to static rates, durations or caps because static call campaigns are dead!

With the release of  Top 10 list by mThink, we are ecstatic to be one of the companies on the list. mThink states that we are proven with leadership, experience, and trust.

About Visiqua

Visiqua is one of the few performance marketing companies that creates platforms and technologies that are pioneering lead generation space. By working with honest partners, Visiqua can deliver AI innovations that we continuous create solely to deliver high quality results.

Because Visiqua operates our own lead generation brands and websites, we have access to more inventory. We are better able to place media on hyper-targeted sites across insurance, travel, mobile, home services, and couponing.  Visiqua has a unique position to leverage social, display, outbound lead-gen, cost-per-call, content syndication channels, and other performance marketing properties. This allows us to test, optimize and profitably scale your campaigns.

Visiqua, part of the Boulder Heavy Industries family, was founded to be the performance marketing arm of the group, spinning off from an already impressive history that represented brands like Chili’s, Tracfone, Big 5, Proactiv and other major spenders in performance media.

Learn more how Visiqua can grow your brand at or reach out to us directly at

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Call Ping Tree the Most Powerful End-to-End Marketplace

Since 2018, Visiqua has been at the forefront of developing real-time routing and call technology. To that end today we are proud to announce that in partnership with Leadspedia we are releasing the most powerful end-to-end Call Ping Tree and an associated marketplace.  Owning to the similarities between how technology drove the ping tree forward in lead generation, we knew of the need to deliver this technology to the performance pay-per-call space.

For Visiqua, it started with the need to intelligently handle and route calls to the right advertiser.  Matching a call to the right client who had available budgets in real-time.  This was the first iteration of anything that could resemble a call ping tree.  Our early call routing advancements focused on the need to maximize yield as a publisher. From there we worked to evolve the tool to better match the inbound caller to the buyer persona of the advertiser.

What’s Next in Pay-Per-Call?

By 2019 we could sample a call, find a buyer (in specific verticals) for that call and then if that transaction worked out we could match the call with the most appropriate advertiser or decline the call from the source.  This all-in-all was pretty good but one big process remained unsolved.  Could we in a truly dynamic fashion shop and review a call, get a bid on that call with campaign specs, and communicate that out to a partner in real-time allowing them to chose how to sell the call?

In the past, it has always been a simple yes or no back to the partner on if we want to continue with the call. Now, Call Ping Tree will connect Publishers with the highest bidding Advertiser allowing no calls to be missed.

The Birth of our Call Ping Tree & The Marketplace.

Throughout all of 2019, we worked in close partnership with Leadspedia to test and develop a more complete call ping tree.  One that could: Sample a call from a partner, pass it through our systems to be vetted and augmented, dynamically shopped to hundreds of buyers, and then return a bid back to the source with the appropriate campaign specs. Well, today in early Q2 of 2020 we can do that. Are you an advertiser with a broad marketplace of calls? Do you have local campaigns that pay more than national campaigns?  You’d like to run both to maximize your yield? Are you a publisher in an under served vertical or with an excess of calls in non-traditional or SMB calls?

All of this can now be knit together and transact in our end-to-end Marketplace.  All on the most powerful Call Ping Tree on the internet.

Learn More!

Static calls are dead! Join Visiqua and Leadspedia on a journey of infinite opportunities. Where Tech, Innovation, and Access all come together to create the industry’s most powerful Call Ping Tree.

Be a part of the most powerful Call Ping Tree the pay-per-call industry has seen. Reach out to us at or visit our website here. 


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Visiqua Announces TrustedForm Partnership

Visiqua announces new partnership with TrustedForm to guarantee compliance with real time lead generation

The Visiqua Team is excited to announce a partnership with ActiveProspect. ActiveProspect is an industry leader that provides real-time lead insights and compliance solutions. Visiqua will now be partnering with ActiveProspect’s TrustedForm product to gain real-time insights. These insights are for web form data leads and transfer calls coming into and through our systems.

With regulations such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) & California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), a strong compliance regime is a critical piece to any successful lead generation company. The Visiqua team is working persistently to ensure that we not only meet the industry standards on compliance but instead go above and beyond. Visiqua works through innovation, technology, and transparency, which allows our clients to work with us feeling confident and safe.

This partnership is just one-way Visiqua is protecting not only ourselves but our clients. As we continue to build platforms, we work strategically with vendors to guarantee total compliance. Visiqua has been diligent when it comes to compliance. Visiqua will continue to pioneer compliance moving forward.

If you are working in the lead generation space or work in call transfers and are interested in learning more about Visiqua’s compliance regimen, detailed information about integration with TrustedFrom or have general questions about compliance – feel free to reach out to us at

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Join Visiqua at Lead Generation World in Denver this January 19-21

The lead generation industry has a new conference: Lead Generation World. The event is in Denver this January 19th-21st.

Given that the show is right in Visiqua‘s backyard, of course, we got involved. Founder Michael Ferree has been in the industry for decades and wanted to create an event that was “for the people, by the people.” In a day when many of the other industry events and have become professional event spectacles with outrageous prices and limited value, it is nice to have a new show come around.

Visiqua is proud to be a part of the inaugural event and has jumped in to sponsor the official event party in partnership with Leadspedia, a leading tracking platform, on Monday, January 20th at the Viewhouse BallPark in Downtown Denver. We hope to see you at the event and at the official event party!

Drop us a line if you’ll be in town, would like any recommendations or to meet.


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mThink Releases 2019 List of top 10 networks for Pay Per Call Marketing – Visiqua Ranked Again.

Visiqua, was for the second year in a row named one of the 10 Best Pay Per Call Marketing Partners in the World by mThink, a leading performance marketing digital publication.  

Pay per call marketing firms and publishers like Visiqua focus on delivering customers directly to clients over the phone.  A practice becoming ever more critical as the shift towards mobile usage outpaces desktop.  

“As we continue to focus on our pay-per-call marketing efforts for our clients and evolve our technology, we are again honored to be included in the annual mThink list of top firms in the space,” said David Walsh, President of Visiqua.  

According to mThink. “An experienced team, proprietary technology, and enough financial backing to provide stability make Visiqua one to watch in the pay-per-call space.”

Pay per call marketing firms are part of a scalable, fast-growing industry on the leading edge of meeting the consumer at the point of conversion. Pay-per-call campaigns provide high-quality traffic and great returns on investment.

The 2019 Top 10 list by mThink was the second annual ranking of pay-per-call networks. Its criteria: Companies with proven leadership, experience, and trust.

About Visiqua:

Visiqua was founded as part of Boulder Heavy Industries Marketing Collective focused exclusively on performance marketing and publishing. In addition to pay-per-call offerings, leveraging our own tech-stack Visiqua operates all manner of performance marketing, lead generation, and demand generation campaigns. As a marketer if you want customers to call you, visit your website, or to research your offerings online Visiqua can help.